SOUL Festival

Chopra’s Designs curates an immersive experience which forms the SOUL at this Rajasthani music festival.

Experiential Branding, Tourism & Heritage, Event Entertainment
Jodhpur, India

Envisioned as the highlighting party for an upscaled hospitality experience, the Pop Party at the Soul Festival 2023 features an ensemble of music, food, and a visual treat using interactive designs at the Ananta Hotels and Resorts in Jodhpur. It is the collective brainchild of the creative minds at Chopra’s Designs and event curators the Envelop, transforming a spirited social atmosphere into one that involves a harmonious blend of art, technology, and design. This approach showcases a seamless integrationof multimedia design to portray the themes of "Pop" and "Bizarre", celebrating a concept that was earlier tested at a construction site into an astonishing reality.

To cultivate this fusion of conceptual brilliance and technical expertise within the realm of entertainment, the main socialising space greets the crowd with an LED digital art installation as part of its stage design, displaying the letters “SOUL” in a buzzing tone, which resonates with the theme of the event. The installation is bent at ninety degrees and continually transforms in form and colour. Additionally, a motion-activated LED wall design created within the entrance walkway employs an array of mystical colours to add to the bling of the event through its interactive nature. Attracting the crowds becomes its focal point, curated distinctly to engage the guests in attendance. It features the festival’s quirky logo against a bright pink backdrop that manoeuvres along with a person’s movement. The dance floor decked with lighting and acoustic interventions unfolds as a meticulously choreographed spectacle where the employed lighting technology dances in tandem with the music. These pixel-controlled lights paint the entire volume of the space with vibrant laser hues, lending character and authenticity to it. The convergence of these dynamic elements amplifies the glamour of the festival and captures the audience to encounter an array of experiential design elements like interactive art, hologram projections, animated projection lighting, and curated stage designs.

The audience is treated to the best that Chopra’s Designs bring forth via multimedia design, with an exclusive immersive experience curated over seven days of meticulous set design and six months of thoughtful event planning. Conceptualised as a holistic celebration of mind, body and soul, the festival narrates a culmination of innovation, design, and entertainment.