An exhibition booth for an electric label makes a maze of rotating light switches illuminate and respond to human movement.

Experiential Branding, Corporate, Event Entertainment
Events, Art Installations
New Delhi, India

Elley's Electric, a trusted name in the electrical industry, joins forces with visual artist Chopra's Designs at the AceTech Exhibition hosted in Mumbai, India, where an immersive experience is created for their booth featuring a combination of switches, motors, lighting, and digital art. This commissioned kinetic art installation becomes a drawcard for passers-by, which is a critical quality to possess for a kiosk at a large-scale exhibition.

Stationed prominently at the exhibition's entrance, the booth assumes a pivotal role, where a multimedia experience is realised to celebrate the brand's history, design and innovations. These values transform into a maze of vibrant colours, beaming light and glowing projections at the entrance facade of the kiosk as part of the lighting installation. Taking centre stage within this creation, a vast room featuring 270-degree interactive art made of Elley's switches acts as the focal point of the reception area. The switches rotate and illuminate in response to every surrounding movement, enticing people to enter the booth, which is exclusively transformed into an immersive passenger experience. It replaces the visualisation with the visitors' reflections. Additionally, digital art paintings featuring components of electrical switches line up on one side of the passageway, thus utilising their lighting services and exploring human interaction with varied mediums of art within the same space.

Equipped with the ability to interact with the engaging and dynamic space directly, visitors embark on an exploratory journey in which they discover the brand in a completely novel way. They become integral to the artwork's narrative, bringing a spectacular kinetic show to life.