Lux Club

A chandelier centrepiece’s visual splendour makes for a sureshot conversation starter at this immersive night hotspot.

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Jaipur, India

When Lux Nightclub in Jaipur, India, aimed to establish an iconic visual statement in their primary atrium dance area, they turned to Chopra's Designs for a phy-gital installation synchronised with the club's music. Reimagining the traditional chandelier, Chopra's Designs boldly reinvents the nightclub's lighting experience by crafting a captivating art piece infused with multimedia elements powered by Madrix technology.

Driven by a vision to establish a captivating focal point, the grand chandelier, with its intricate serpentine geometry, stretches across the expansive space, redefining its ambience. The production elements of the immense apparatus include theatrical lighting effects, video projections and multimedia technology. The chandelier's lights come alive through motion-programmed LED technology, allowing each segment to dance and transform, creating an ever-shifting display that adds drama and vibrancy to the space. Contrasting the chandelier's sinuous form is a linear arrangement of DMX lights, injecting bursts of vivid colours against the backdrop of the dimly yet alluringly lit wave-like structure.

Teaming up with live artist performances, the chandelier transforms the nightclub into an immersive haven for every guest. Beyond its visual splendour, Chopra's Designs ensures the chandelier's functionality is fully programmable, collaborating closely with the nightclub staff to self-customise its control system. This adaptability empowers a diverse array of immersive lighting designs to seamlessly integrate with the chandelier whenever the occasion calls for it.