Dance of Lights

Considering the ceiling is the sixth wall, the parametric ceiling at the House of People lobby encourages clubbers to keep looking up.

Nightclubs & Lounges
Mumbai, India

Lighting serves as a powerful tool to elevate the impact of meticulously crafted architectural features, particularly those designed as focal design elements within a space. Dance of Lights is a quest to witness amplified art in hospitality interiors paired with interactive lighting as a highlighting feature. Stepping into the lounge above the House of People Nightclub, a.k.a. the HOP Club in Jaipur, an ethereal dance of light is conveyed on a parametric ceiling, setting the stage for an unforgettable showdown. With their technical prowess, Chopra's Designs works closely with architect Ronak Singhvi in co-sculpting this visual masterpiece. The design is created such that it draws guests in, creating a unique entry experience. Further, the visual dynamics of the installation is inspired by sound waves, creating a ripple in a void represented on a wooden canvas. It is left to be technically painted by the innovative technologies of light and sound.

The ceiling serves as a transformative canvas which can interact with both natural and artificial lighting to orchestrate a symphony of light and shadow, choreographed with precision. The interplay establishes an immersive atmosphere, engaging the audience on a multi-sensory level.