Celestial is a marriage that was truly made in a visually-enchanted heaven.

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Jodhpur, India

Well indicative of the term, "Celestial" comes forth as a creative collaboration between Chopra’s Designs and design curators The Envelop, pictured within the confines of Mehrangarh Fort in Jodhpur to enhance key moments at a wedding event. Fed with a brief to amplify all things Celestial, Chopra’s Designs’ expertise as lighting designers captivates those in attendance in a journey through the world of universes on a massive illusionistic scale, both physically and virtually.

This spectacle forms an intricate ecosystem of lighting and projection installations, accompanied by an ambient lighting design that vividly portrays a multitude of themes present in the Universe. Segregated into various zones of Shuttle, Sun, Moon, Stars, and the Galaxy, visitors are led through distinct immersive spaces, each offering unique moods and performances. Each zone compresses people through an array of interconnecting areas to release them into a different dimension with a harmonious blend of innovation, aesthetics, and effective event planning. Seamless transitions between these spaces are designed for an elevated experience using LED design data walls, and the synchronised dance of Digital Multiplex (DMX) lighting adds to the splendour, creating a multi-dimensional experience.

The centrepiece, "The Star Universe," emerges as a standalone experience. The starry Universe features dotted stars, disco ball pyramids that mimic star surfaces, and a laser sky that forms a celestial canopy, all availing a spectrum of Chopra’s Designs’ services. A giant suspended star installation curated on the kinetic motors took the theme to new heights. Additionally, the Sun is curated using a massive sandpit with light projections all around and fire artists’ loud, bold performances slathered in red. The sun installation replicates the one we see in the skies; the centre here shines constantly, emitting intense light, making it impossible to gaze at the creative execution. Lighting and audio design play a pivotal role in such demonstrations. It involves understanding lighting, 3D projections, interactive elements, foley sounds, ambience, and background music to shape the space's atmosphere and impact.

As technology consultants and installation artists, Chopra’s Designs spearheads this creative spectacle and aims to set new benchmarks in lighting, audio and experiential design. Orchestrating the concept of space and infusing creativity into every aspect, "Celestial" transforms the fort's confines into a cosmic spectacle.