AKFD Factory

Celebrated designer Ayush Kasliwal’s furniture design arm gets a technologically creative upgrade.

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Acoustics & Audio, Lighting Design
Social Impact, Themed Entertainment, Art Installations
Jaipur, India

Often, through artistic collaborations with visionary architects, some aesthetically and conceptually forward spectacles are created. Such is a collaboration between visual artists Chopra's Designs and architects AKFD Studio, where the latter's furniture factory in New Delhi, India, is transformed into an engaging audiovisual experience to explore the realm of boundless possibilities when functionality, art and entertainment converge.

The industrial charm of the furniture factory provides a contrast to the whimsical elements of the immersive design. By harnessing cutting-edge lighting techniques, projection mapping, and immersive acoustics, this otherwise unassuming space is infused with a newfound dynamism. Within the expanse of the factory's open layout, visitors are invited into the celebration of this creativity, where an alternate reality to the space is unveiled. Architectural lighting is elevated to innovative lighting design, employing an array of LED laser beams choreographed to harmonise with the enveloping audio. This mix-media presents the space with depth and intrigue, affirming that even the most pragmatic spaces can be reimagined as galleries of innovation. The acoustics are not just an auditory experience; they are meticulously designed through audio engineering to resonate with the overarching concept, composing a symphony that can not only be heard but also emotionally experienced. This results in a treasury of immersive moments within this captivating art installation.

The warehouse setting is reconstructed as a canvas for artistic expression through thorough conceptualisation and new-age technology implementation. As the factory's dutiful original purpose evolves into a field of imagination, this journey from utility to artistry emphasises the potential of technology as a transformative force and a powerful catalyst, elevating the potential of every space.


Dubai’s desert acts as a blank canvas to this Jumeirah nightclub with enigmatic spatial elements and a continuous stretch of immersive visuals.

Nightclubs & Lounges, Lobbies

Chopra's Designs partners with Marq to create an all-engulfing multimedia experience that utilises all the services of acoustics, lighting design, projection mapping, digital art, and interactive art installations within its volume, located in the heart ofDubai. Each design decision has been carefully curated to bring a rich expanse of visual experiences for the visitors to the nightclub.

The Marq Nightclub experience begins the very moment guests pass through its dynamic walkway. The lobby boasts a cascading waterfall with a motion-sensor screen to mimic the visitors' movements, thus exploring human interaction with a digital medium of art. With this dynamic visual representation of the guests, they step inside an enigmatic space that envelops them in wonder. A symphony of lights unfolds as five different types of LED installations illuminate the entire space. Among these LEDs, one is broken into several hexagons like an art installation, gracefully moving on hydraulics in sync with the music's pulsating beat, while another forms a curtain of lights at the back of the VIP enclave. The columns are enveloped by captivating visuals brought to life through light projections, ensuring the incorporation of multimedia media in spatial elements of the structure as well. A continuous stretch of immersive visuals is materialised as the stage backdrop design via an LED media wall extending from the rear of the DJ booth to the ceiling. The spatial volume also showcases and advances the Digital Multiplex (DMX) lighting services, where the VIP section is adorned by a laser grid. Synchronised video content, lighting choreography, and soundscapes converge to form a harmonious palette of changing hues.

This enthralling tale of motion and emotion provides a glimpse into the show-stopping moments of the nightclub. A myriad of innovative multimedia strategies serves as a time capsule where the journey of an immersive experience starts and ends within the essence of Marq.

Playboy Club

Playboy Club’s New Delhi outpost showcases its signature bunny logo as a 10-metre-wide hologram projection, ensuring the brand needs no introduction.

Experiential Branding, Hospitality
Themed Entertainment, Nightclubs & Lounges
New Delhi, India

Raising the stakes by introducing a large-scale immersive experience to a nightclub, the Playboy Club pushes their long-standing collaboration with Chopra’s Designs to new heights with its grand launch in New Delhi, India. Using breathtaking productions that include aesthetics, engineering, and logistics, attention is brought to the complete integration of multimedia design into the experience of social gatherings.

In order to establish this blend of creative ingenuity and technical finesse within the entertainment trade, which brings people together for a collective experience, the team utilises an array of technological installations. This includes a mesmerising network of six hundred laser beams that fill the volume of the club with an invigorating pulse, along with a vivid canvas of 3 million pixels of video that brings scenes to life in a dynamic manner. The dance arena holds a kinetic chandelier of broken rings, accented with scenic integrated LED ribbons as the central lighting installation. To harness the potential of LED wall designs showing digital art, the stunning bar art installation provides an ever-changing bunny sculpture visual display, animating 10-metre-wide bunny hologram projections that skillfully showcase the brand’s identity in an innovative and imaginative fashion.

The guests revel in the experience crafted by Chopra’s Designs as visual artists, giving life to a rhythm-heavy space. A mere social experience is elevated to an unforgettable immersive exploration, offering the public never-before-seen entertainment that creates memories through unified engagement.